About Prospect-D

Welcome and thanks for checking out our site and to those whom purchased our products.

First thing is first, need to clarify what the D in Prospect-D means.  Just like you Prospect-D has worked and is working on a project car to get it back on the road again. whether that project car is a race car, show car, weekend car, restoration car or a fun daily, the goal is to get it on the road and going.  No matter the type of car it is and its intended use will be for, the overall goal of any project car build is to drive it.  That is the D in Prospect-D, Drive.  Our reasoning behind this is that we want to be diversified for various makes of cars and types of cars.  Although as of now, we only offer to the Datsun Z community, we hope to serve others in the near future. However by all means to those in the Datsun Z community, if it makes it easier or sounds better to refer to us as Prospect-Datsun, it makes no difference to us and we are glad to be "nick named that". 

Our Prospect started out and is still continuing with our very first Datsun 240Z.  Just like most of you who own(ed) a Datsun Z, our 240Z suffered from rust in all the common places being the front frame, floor rails, rocker panels, floors, various areas in the engine bay and in the rear.  During the time of most of the rust repair stage, no expert pro metal shaper was at our expense.  Being a perfectionist, the next best thing is to do it yourself.  With loads of time behind the computer learning how to shape metal for the purpose of replacement panels for cars, equipment was bought and lots of practicing happened.  The main panel that needed replacing was the inner rocker panel.  Could not find any dealer/producer of the inner rockers. After making the first set for our 240z interest sparked in our inner rocker panels.  Since our main goal of making the inner rocker panels was completed, we couldnt let those tools we bought go to waste. So instead of buying the other replacement panels being offered on the web, we once again challenged ourselves to make the remaining replacement panels needed. Again this sparked more interest.  We decided to establish our website and offer what we made to others.  What makes our products stand out is the quality and attention to details.  Again your purchasing from a perfectionist like already stated.

As of now we only offer replacement panels, but we do intend to offer other types of products.  Not only do we work on our own projects, we are seen helping out and making stuff for others on their projects.  As of yet, none of the things we made for others on their project has sparked our interest to offer to others, but when that possible product happens, you can bet we will be offering it no matter the type of car its for.

Thanks for taking time to check us out and learning a bit about us. Stay tuned!